Leah Klinger, MD, Adult and Family Medicine, SFO, Leah.klinger@kp.org
Dan Santiago, MD, Department of Family Medicine, SFO, Daniel.Santiago@kp.org
Glenda Swetman, MD, Dermatology, SFO, Glenda.L.Swetman@kp.org

1. Heather Choate, Practice Specialist, TPMG Administration, SFO, Heather.a.choate@kp.org
2. Marvin G Gin, Operations Specialist, TPMG Administration, Marvin.G.Gin@kp.org
3. Leah Klinger, MD, Adult and Family Medicine, SFO, Leah.klinger@kp.org
4. Diana Bojorquez, MD, Department of Pediatrics, SFO, Diana.Bojorquez@kp.org
5. Eric Dummel, MD, Minor Injury Clinic, SFO, Eric.Dummel@kp.org
6. Chris Banh, Project Manager I, christopher.banh@kp.org

Target Audience:

SFO clinicians

Series Objectives:

1. Identify difficult patient interactions and realize how you communicate with the patient is the most important factor to
the patient’s satisfaction.
2. Classify patient requests and respond in an organized, empathetic manner which acknowledges the patient’s
concern and offers choices.
3. Apply concrete strategies to navigate the clinician-patient relationship and effectively communicate when denying
unwarranted requests.

Disclosure: All the presenters and the CME chief, Dr. Ingrid Lim have disclosed no financial relationships with any ineligible companies related to this conference.

Session date: 
04/21/2023 - 1:30pm to 3:30pm PDT
Kaiser Permanente Medical Center
2425 Geary Blvd
Virtual Teams Meeting
San Francisco, CA 94115
United States

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