Kaiser Foundation Hospital – Manteca/Modesto

Professional Education/Library Committee






The mission of the Kaiser Foundation Hospital – Manteca/Modesto CME Program is to maintain, develop or improve the skills, performance, competence and effectiveness of individual clinicians so patients receive high quality, safe, caring, and innovative healthcare. The KFH CME Program supports Kaiser Permanente’s ongoing commitment to quality improvement by providing learner-focused medical education that addresses demonstrated needs and gaps in clinical practice with attention to culturally and linguistically appropriate care.



Activity content is designed to improve the overall quality of patient care delivered by improving physician performance, competence, knowledge, attitude, and technical and clinical skills. Content areas include but are not limited to: patient safety, medical knowledge, diagnosis and disease prevention, medical professionalism, public health issues, fostering the physician-patient relationship through effective communication, optimal use of medical technologies, cultural competence and agility, leadership and development of collaborative multidisciplinary teams.


Target Audience

The efforts of the CME program are focused on the demonstrated, expressed, and presumed needs of Kaiser Permanente physicians practicing at the KFH medical centers and Kaiser Permanente medical clinics in the surrounding areas. These physicians represent a full range of medical practice and share common concerns in subject content and learning methods and require information and knowledge about a variety of health topics. Activities are primarily designed for Physicians as well as allied healthcare professionals, residents and medical students. 


Types of Activities

The CME Program provides a variety of educational offerings including workshops and conferences. Certified activities are presented in the educational methods best suited to the topic as determined through the planning process, and include didactic, case review, interactive discussions and demonstrations of techniques, discussion panels, small group workshops, and simulations.  Participation may be in-person, via video broadcast, or web-based instruction. 


Expected Results

We expect that our CME activities will incite changes in practice resulting in ongoing improvement in physician competence, performance and/or clinical skills and that these ongoing improvements will result in improved patient management, work environment satisfaction, compliance with applicable regulations, and will have a direct impact on the quality of care provided. Outcomes for our CME activities are assessed in one or more of the following manners: Providers reporting intent to incorporate new skills and knowledge, self-assessment of change; evaluations of quality and regulatory data; and measures of patient health status. Outcomes, evaluation results, and Department Chief assessment/recommendations are considered in assessing needs for future educational interventions.