Contacting your board is the best way to stay up to date with your specific requirements. For contact information for each of the boards visit:http://www.abms.org/About_ABMS/member_boards.aspx

MOC is comprised of 4 parts:

Part I: Professional standing (licensure)
Part II: Lifelong learning and self-assessment
Part III: Cognitive expertise (examination)
Part IV: Practice performance assessment (performance improvement project)

Note that each board uses their own terminology for the specific requirements within each of the 4 parts of MOC.

TPMG physicians can be reimbursed for any fees related to MOC. In the OneLink system under expense type, select "MD re-certification fees".

Part 2 CME and Modules

Part 2 is the lifelong learning and self assessment component. It includes CME and online modules for most boards.

ABIM MOC for CME Activities

We are working on arranging MOC credit for our CME activities across the region for select activities. Qualifying activities will have the MOC II credit designation on the landing page for the course or session. 

Part 4 Performance Improvement Projects

TPMG participates in the Multi Specialty MOC Portfolio Program, which allows you to receive MOC credit for Quality Improvement work that you are already doing in your practice.

For more information about our projects, visit our project website: www.kpmoc.org